arooo.records ist seit 2019 das Label von Fraufeld, das neben der Tonträger-Serie „Fraufeld Vol 1 - .X“ auch andere Produktionen veröffentlicht.


In ihrem berühmten Essay „A Room of One’s Own“ stellt Virginia Woolf die Frage was Frauen brauchen, um künstlerisch tätig sein zu können. Sie kommt zu dem Schluss: ein eigenes Zimmer! Als Symbol für geistige und künstlerische Unabhängigkeit.

arooo.records möchte diesen Gedanken aufgreifen und Künstler*innen ihre eigenen Zimmer für ihre Produktionen zur Verfügung stellen.


Stilistisch positioniert sich arooo.records im weiten Feld progressiver Formen von Komposition und Improvisation. 
arooo.records steht nicht nur Frauen offen, sondern allen Musiker*innen, die unsere Anliegen im Bereich des Sichtbarmachens von Vielfalt und Diversität im musikalischen Schaffen teilen und unterstützen.



Cover Art Margarete Quehenberger
Cover Art Margarete Quehenberger

2021; arooo.004


Minimalist, often rough in style but always complex and surprising the album ICH VERSUCHE MICH ZU ERINNERN WAS MEINE ERSTE ERINNERUNG IST creates connections between ambient, break beat, hip hop, romanticism and post minimalism.


"I imagine Joanna who is partly growing up and in Athens, where she experiences fear, violence, uncertainty but also magic and music.
Fähre nach Piraeus (ferry to piraeus):
I closed my eyes and and moved into a meditative state, where I witnessed many worlds coming together. Underwater creatures like octopi and how they shape shifted with one another. Those unknown whimsical encounters gave me goosebumps - what an incredible experiential moment. Tender and gentle. Sad and painful. The fear of the unknown married to curiosity and excitement of what comes next.
Loblied (praise song):
Harmonious piano interacting with a sound that reminds me of a zipper opening and closing. Like a creature that wants to offer their own energy and interact with the piano who does its own thing. “Hey I want to play too." There is this inner celebration of the paradox when I listen to her music, this mentality of "both can be true” is deeply noticeable in the album. Jubilating while mourning. Adelita Escapes introduces unconformity to harmony and and somehow she still manages to let it exist together in a way that draws me in. I am able stay fully present and curious.
Höhenweg (high route):
Höhenweg is absolutely untamed. It is the kind of noise that my soul longs for. This track has a firm grip on me without being violent. It´s like powerful stomping that doesn’t look to oppress. It doesn´t try to make me feel smaller, it is affirmative in it’s confrontation and lifts me up. This noise soundscape takes the high route! The titles of the album are fully in alignment of the impact the music has on me. It is really impressive. "(Bianca Pointner)

Fraufeld Vol. 3

2021; arooo.005


Kuratiert von Anna Anderluh, Milly Groz, Verena Zeiner, Sara Zlanabitnig, Viola Hammer, Aleksandra Bajde, Sophie Hassfurther, Judith Unterpertinger und Viola Falb


Aufnahme: Christina Bauer

Mixed by: Christina Bauer, Martin Siewert, Andreas Kapfer, Rojin Sharafi, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Helfried Hassfurther

Mastering: Martin Siewert

Produziert von Fraufeld

Artwork: mahola/screenaddicts.


Organisiert von Sara Zlanabitnig, Verena Zeiner, Milly Groz & Anna Anderluh.


Featuring: Viola Hammer; Ursula Reicher & Thomas Gieferl; Viola Falb & Elisabeth Harnik; Tiziana Bertoncini & Caroline Mayrhofer; Veronika Mayer & Gobi Drab;  Lale Rodgarkia-Dara & Juun; Aleksandra Bajde & Isabella Forciniti; Sophie Hassfurther & Yvonne Zehner; Helene Glüxam;  Rojin Sharafi & Golnar Shahyar

Cristina Miguel Martínez & Marcel•lí Bayer "Transcendit Terram"

2021; arooo.records; arooo.003


Cristina Miguel Martínez and Marcel·lí Bayer are two established musicians and saxophone players from Catalonia. Their musical careers have grown separately, developing simultaneously a very personal voice inside jazz and improvised music.


In 2019, Cristina and Marcel·lí meet up to have a musical dialogue in -what was going to be - a unique duo concert in Barcelona. The concert resulted in a magical encounter of two minds creating and breathing as one. And without hesitation, they had decided to bring this duo to different locations with rich acoustics.


The simplicity of two instruments rediscovering the sound of spaces makes the experience of meeting with these musicians very intimate. The sound is evolving and the silence is too.


They had recorded their first album "Transcendit Terram" at a beautiful church in the heart of Catalonia, Santa Eugènia de Relat in Avinyó on September 3rd of 2019. This album features four original pieces of each of them and a Charlie Haden reinterpretation of La Pasionaria. It got released under Arooo.Records in August of 2021.


A journey beyond Earth. Transcendit Terram is the meeting point for this duo of saxophonists who travel loaded with melodies through time and space.

Fraufeld Vol.2.

2019; aroo.records; arooo.001


.. mehr über Vol.2


Verena Zeiner

"No Love Without Justice"

2019; arooo.records; arooo.002




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